Dr Piers Chorley

Dr Piers Chorley Hallett Cove Chiropractic Pain Relief


Dr Piers Chorley completed a BSc (Hons) in Chemistry at the Imperial College of London and then went on to follow a five year chiropractic course at the Anglo-Europea College of Chiropractic in the UK where he graduated with a MSc in Chiropractic.

Dr Chorley also trained in Applied Kinesiology, he was taught by the internationally renowned Joseph Shafer and Tracy Gates and passed his clinical competence examination in 1999.

Whilst practicing in the UK, he studied Activator Methods Chiropractic Technique with Arlan Fuhr, one of the two founders of the technique and achieved Advanced Proficient rating.

Being a father Dr Chorley has a special interest in Children and Chiropractic. He studied an advanced course in the treatment of children with learning difficulties and whilst in Australia he has undertaken further training to develop his skills in this area.  He is working with a number of children with learning difficulties.

Dr Piers Chorley is always learning and likes to stay ahead of the crowd always following the latest developments in the field; He is one of a few people in Australia able to offer ‘Pain Neutralisation Technique’ (PNT), having been personally tutored by Dr Stephen Kaufman himself, the founder of the technique.

Dr Chorley is a chiropractor who is professional, attentive and caring and will always try to deliver you great results; with all of his chiropractic techniques along with his Applied Kinesiology skills he is uniquely positioned to help by being able to select, mix and match treatments from across his broad range.

Dr Chorley is registered with the Chiropractic Association of Australia and with APHRA. Dr Piers Chorley is currently working in Hallett Cove at Cove Chiropractic.