Convenient Hours

For your convenience we offer appointments before, during and after work hours and have a Hicaps machine so private healthcare claims can be made on the spot meaning you only need pay a gap. Opening hours.


Welcome to Cove Chiropractic !

We are a professional, attentive and modern family chiropractic centre located in Hallett Cove. Our principal Chiropractor Dr Piers Chorley has over 16 years experience in chiropractic care and has learnt his profession from the best in the UK, USA and Australia. We treat the generations - offering tailored treatment for infants, through to the elderly and every life stage between.  We take a special interest in those who have tried everything and failed, helping them to start enjoying life again.

Our mission is to get you as healthy as possible, and keep you that way.

We offer a range of proven Chiropractic techniques including Pain Neutralisation Technique (PNT), Activator, manual adjusting (Spinal Manipulative Therapy), blocking, drop and Cranial techniques for back pain, headaches etc.  Some patients come to us preferring low force methods and others just want to be cracked – we tailor all of our treatments individually to your needs and to achieve the best results. 

Dr Chorley is always learning and is one of the few people in Australia able to offer the latest breakthrough called Pain Neutralisation Technique, for the relief of Chronic and Acute pain.

There is a common misconception that Chiropractors only treat back pain, headaches and neck pain, but we can offer a range of treatments for muscles and joints throughout the body.

Chiropractic treatments can be further enhanced with the use of Applied Kinesiology so we can approach the health concerns of the body in a holistic manner and consider not only the structure of the body (primarily addressed in chiropractic care) but also consider the chemical and emotional functioning of the individual. Dr Piers Chorley is a Certified Emotion Code Practitionner.  The Emotion Code developed by Dr Bradley Nelson (Doctor of Chiropractic) is designed to help the body release trapped emotions and restore balance within the electrical body.


Healthcare Rebate

We offer healthcare rebates for all private healthcare funds with extras cover. Medibank Private customers also attract higher rebates as we are Members Choice Chiropractic Provider. As a partner in the More for Backs program HCF Patrons receive a Gap Free initial consultation.* Conditions apply see your policy, basic cover levels are often excluded.