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Dr Piers Chorley is a trusted Chiropractor in Hallett Cove who is dedicated and passionate about helping clients live their best life and move freely.  Calm, compassionate and caring he has spent the last twenty years helping clients with chronic lower back pain, sciatica, headaches and neck pain.  In fact, the majority of his new patients come from happy clients recommending his services to family and friends.  Thorough and diligent he is always learning and is one of the few chiropractors in Australia trained and able to offer the latest breakthrough called Pain Neutralisation Technique (PNT), for the relief of Chronic and Acute pain. 

Here to help with a full selection of Chiropractic techniques

Offering the full suite of Chiropractic techniques  along with Applied Kinesiology, PNT(link) and the Emotion Code  he has a complete repertoire of skills to draw upon to create a tailored treatment plan aimed at getting results.  The techniques we use include




Manual Adjustments (cracking)




Drop Techniques

Taking a holistic approach to health Dr Piers Chorley has learnt his profession from the very best teachers and institutions in the UK, USA and Australia.  He takes a special interest in those who have seemingly tried everything and failed, helping them to start enjoying life again.

When your back goes, your ability to partake in everyday activities and hobbies goes.  Dr Piers Chorley’s mission is to keep you moving freely and comfortably so you can live your best life. 

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Based in Hallett Cove south of Adelaide, we aim to make chiropractic care easily accessible and convenient for all and offer

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Instant Healthcare Rebates

Instant healthcare rebates and on the spot Hicaps claims for all private healthcare funds with extras cover.

Minimum Out of Pocket Expenses

As a Medibank Members Choice provider and a member of the HCF ‘More For Backs Program’ eligible members get maximum healthcare rebates or a gap free initial consultation – see your policy for terms and conditions.  

Chiropractic Plus

Today’s busy lifestyles can mean that many people are suffering from both physical and emotional stresses.   If required chiropractic treatments can be further enhanced with the use of Applied Kinesiology(LINK) which considers not only the structure of the body which is primarily addressed in chiropractic care, but also considers the chemical and emotional functioning of the individual.  As an experienced Applied Kinesiologist and certified ‘Emotion Code’ (LINK) practitioner, Dr Chorley has a holistic approach that can help with emotional issues that you may be experiencing.

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